Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Oral Sedation
Patients can now choose to have minor dental procedures done using a comfortable, safe and effective system. We use a tablet called Dormicum to help you be relaxed and comfortable while receiving your dental care. It is taken at the surgery about 30 minutes prior to your appointment. The drug has almost no side effects or interactions with other medicines you may currently be taking.
The benefits include an enhanced effectiveness of the anaesthetic, decreased gagging, decreased joint and muscle soreness and also allows more treatment to be done in a shorter time, which could decrease the total number of visits. The medicine has an amnesia quality which for most patients, tends to prevent almost any memory of the visit.





Intravenous Sedation
This form of sedation is administered by a sedation expert or specialist using proper sleep medicine and you will be sleeping for the duration of the procedure. All your vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels are constantly being monitored. It is very safe and a lot less invasive than general anaesthesia. This enable us to perform selective surgical procedures like removing wisdom teeth or placing multiple implants, etcin the chair. 
We regularly use this technique for children under the age of 7 requiring invasive dental care.
For more information on sedation, visit www.sedationsa.co.za

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